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Join Judopay's strong network of partners. We build meaningful partnerships so we can fully support your platform growth.

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Why partner with Judopay?

We understand payments and work with you to make it easy for your customers. Some of the benefits of a Judopay partnership include:

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Dedicated support.

You will have a vast range of resources close at hand. From a designated partner manager and a UK-based developer support team who can assist at short notice to a product team constantly looking for feedback so we can improve our offering. They are all there for you.

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Dynamic management.

Our plans are flexible and revolve solely around your business’s needs. Perhaps you prefer a self-service setup to a supportive onboarding process? Or maybe flexible pricing suits your cash flow better than standard pricing? Whatever it is, we’ll have a solution for you.

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Quick turnarounds.

Our modern approach means new functionalities and enhancements, as well as the onboarding of new customers, can be implemented in a matter of days, instead of months.

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We like to keep things straightforward at Judopay, whether it’s with pricing or communications. We don't charge extra for things like tokenisation or the inclusion of Apple Pay. Because they should (and do) come as standard.

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What do you get?

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Single integration, global reach.

We work with partners from across the globe, from North and South America all the way across to Asia. This means our secure payment solutions can reach customers anywhere, any time, on any device. Both full stack and gateway only setups are offered through the same integration, providing our partners opportunities to seek out more merchants.

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Multiple payment methods.

Ensure your customers pay with minimal hassle on the move, with ApplePay, Google Pay, Klarna and PayPal all built-in as standard.

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Choice of integrations.

Depending on how you wish to accept web payments, we can offer a choice of web integration options. From a Mobile SDK offering a seamless consumer checkout experience within their native mobile app, or a straightforward web integration that utilises a fully customisable iframe.

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Pay by Link.

Request and accept payments without the need for a website or mobile app.

Partnership types.

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Do you want to recommend a payments platform to your clients? We can plug directly into your software or sit as an external provider, giving your clients access to a wide range of payment tools. We'll keep your clients up-to-date on the latest payment updates and products available. ‍

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Or, do you want to white label a payments platform? You can integrate Judopay's solution into your own software, reselling the services as your own. We'll work behind the scenes to handle all of the payments while you focus on your business.

What our partners say.

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Our Partnerships Manager has been so hands-on and attentive throughout our relationship, it really feels like we have another person on our team. As a partner we couldn’t have found a better match.  

Mauricio Ganem, Director

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Judopay is digital meets personal. We have a simple and reliable solution that we maintain and support. This offers the peace of mind of knowing that in an ever changing digital world we won’t be left behind. We also know that if we need help, we know who to reach out to. We know whatever issues we have will be addressed promptly, they were really as good as advertised.

Jonathan Hutchings, Director


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Connect Cashless has experienced major payment process benefits which has led to a reduction in operational costs and resources. Judopay achieved this by increasing conversion rates, reducing transaction failures by 5% and protecting against fraudulent activity.

Tom Hughes, Director
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Become a Judopay partner.

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Judopay customers get 50% off storage for up to eight weeks at Big Yellow Self Storage and an extra 10% off for as long as you stay.

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Remitec is a web & app-based money remittance platform that allows businesses to white label their solution and offer their own money transfer services. Their comprehensive platform includes a cloud-based CRM, native mobile app, website and payment solution.

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Forget the worry of bringing enough cash to park your car, think Connect Cashless Parking for a seamless car parking experience.

You can now search, book and pay for parking online with a few clicks.