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We believe apps are the future of commerce because they transform old-school, clunky browser experiences into the easy, speedy fulfilling experiences customers want.

We partner with you to bring in-app greatness to your customers and brand, with the slickest, simplest and safest payments platform around, so your business grows as a result.

And you’ll know when we’ve done our job because it’ll be like we’re not even there.

A taxi with one tap. A coffee ordered and paid before your customer enters the cafe. It’ll just work, like magic.

What our clients say



Head of Technology,
Harris + Hoole

Easy to use and secure interface

Offering H+H consumers to pay via the mobile app is a compelling part of our customer journey. Judopay was chosen to help H+H develop a simple and secure charging interface which allows our customers to get more value.


Tech Dev Director,

Decreasing fraud by 60%

Judopay has partnered with us to understand our exposure to fraud and implement tailored tools to protect us. Our fraud rates have fallen dramatically at the same time as our app business has grown exponentially.


App Dev Manager,

Reducing friction at the point of payment

Judopay works with KFC’s existing infrastructure and acquiring bank to provide a cost effective mobile-first payment gateway. Our payment experience simplifies card data entry and significantly reduces the time to pay.


Co-founder and CEO,

Seamless integration of payments

Judopay has been a great partner in helping us make payments within our apps faster and more secure. They understand our vision and their payment solution integrates seamlessly into our clients’ existing infrastructure.