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Use payment links to get paid fast

Create Payment Links in seconds to accept online payments. The easy and secure method of requesting and accepting payments, without a website or mobile app.

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Increase revenue with payment links icon

Increase revenue

Request payment anywhere you have the internet, without the need for a card terminal

Reduce PCI & fraud risk with payment links icon

Reduce PCI & fraud risk

Stop taking card details over the phone & reduce your PCI scope by sending a secure payment link

Track payments with payment links icon

Track payments

Using our dashboard get an instant overview of which payments are overdue and what's been paid

Improve your customer experience.

Payment Links allow you to direct your customers to a secure payment page, using any channel.

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Send customers a link while they're on the phone, rather than taking card details directly, to reduce your PCI scope.

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Include a link in an email to your customers.

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Make it easier to collect and track invoice payments by including a dedicated payment link.

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Include a link in texts, to give your customers an easy way to pay when on the move.

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QR Code
For in-person payments, create unique QR codes that allow your customers to pay right way.

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Person on phone

The easy way to get paid.

Payment Links are an easy way for businesses to request and accept payments without needing a website or mobile app.

  • Quick and easy set up - no implementation required. You can create and manage all of your links from within the Judopay Portal.
  • Mobile optimised - with our mobile responsive checkouts you can easily request payments from customers when they're on the move.
  • Reduce your PCI scope - by providing your customers with a secure link, rather than say taking payments over the phone, you reduce your PCI scope.
  • Achieve SCA/PSD2 compliance - with 3D Secure built-in and easily enabled you can ensure your card payments meet the upcoming Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) requirements.

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