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Keep your business agile with our flexible payment solution. From banking to insurance, asset management to fintech, we've got your transactions covered.

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Fuel your growth with your flexible payment solution.

Our cutting-edge payments integrate seamlessly with your existing infrastructure, providing seamless and secure payments. With Judopay, you can focus on your core services while we handle your transactions.

Boost revenue

We support multiple currencies, alternative payment methods and power conversion-driving checkouts, giving your customers a seamless experience.

Optimal performance

In the fast-paced world of finance, every second counts. Our unique technology ensures uptime and speed, with services that automatically scale and flex to meet sudden changes in demand.

Secure transactions

Our built-in fraud detection and prevention technology, means no additional integration work is needed to protect yours and your customers' funds.

Quick and easy integration

We're already fully integrated into several finance systems, meaning you can get up and running, with zero integration work, in no time.

Give your customers the latest and greatest
payment technology.

Acquiring freedom.

Stay with your existing acquiring bank or opt for our all-in-one payment solution, with acquiring included.

3D Secure.

Protect your transactions and minimise chargebacks with our proprietary 3D Secure solution.  

Customised reporting.

Get deeper insights into your customers' spending behaviour and trends with our new customisable reports.

Alternative payment methods.

Drive conversions by adding payment methods like Apple Pay and Google Pay to your checkout.

Access Judopay through your finance platform.

We work with several finance platforms, helping to seamlessly integrate payment services into your business. Using us via your existing platform means you can be up and running in no time, with zero integration work needed.

Take control of your payments with a solution that fits your needs.

Unlock your potential with our all-in-one solution.

Streamline your payments with a single integration designed to help you maximise revenue.

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Safe and secure online payment gateway.

Launch seamless, secure, and conversion-driving checkouts to capture more revenue.

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