Open Banking Pioneer Fabrick S.p.A. Acquires Mobile Commerce Leader Judopay 

Message from Judopay's CEO

Jeremy Nicholds, Judopay's CEO

I’m sat writing this from the Judopay office in Shoreditch, after what’s been an incredibly exciting few months. Today, we’re announcing that Judopay has been acquired by the open banking pioneer, Fabrick S.p.A.

This is an incredible milestone for Judopay and a testament to all of the years of hard work from both current & former colleagues as well as the support of our numerous partners and merchants.

The way we’ve scaled the business, built an incredible tech stack and delivered innovative web and mobile payments to businesses across the UK, Europe and even further afield - you should all be proud. 

I’ve no doubt there will be lots of questions over the coming days.

But for this message, I’m focusing on what this news means for Judopay’s loyal customers, our technology partners and our own employees. 

If you'd like to learn more about our parent company check out our About page.

Judopay's neon sign on wall

To our customers…

This acquisition is a purchase of the great brand, team and technology at Judopay. While a lot of acquisitions result in companies being swallowed up or broken apart, the opposite is happening with Judo.

Our new parent company (Fabrick S.p.A.) are looking to invest in and grow the business and team even further. So you’ll continue to work and talk with the same names and faces.

But what does this mean for you?

Having Fabrick S.p.A. as our parent company means we’re now part of a pioneering European finance group. This gives us access to additional technology as well as additional resources to invest more in our own platform.  

As a result, we’ll be working throughout the year to enhance our solution set with network tokenisation, payment orchestration, additional payment methods and more.

This acquisition, access to new technology and investment also means we’ll be looking at cost-saving measures we can pass on to you. Details of which we’ll share as soon as we can.

Tom Rowlandson, Judopay employee

To our technology partners…

You’re a big part of our makeup. Since Judopay was founded in 2012, working with ISVs and other technology partners to offer seamless payment services (to their own customers) has been a key part of our growth and decision-making.

All of the payment solutions mentioned above (network tokenisation, payment orchestration etc.) will, in turn, also be available for our partners to offer.

While the order in which we roll out certain features is still to be locked down, we will keep you in the loop with regular updates on what features will be available, and when, for your customers.

As part of this acquisition project we’ll also be working  to further enhance resilience, speed-up onboarding and of course , to continually improve our customer experience.

Fabrick and Judopay team photo

To my colleagues…

This news won’t come as a surprise, as you’ve all been heavily involved in helping us reach this day. 

But I do want to call out the Judopay team (past and present) and recognise the incredible work they do. We’ve always been lean. It helps us to make decisions quickly, act fast and removes any unnecessary layers of red tape. However, it also means that we always need to be assessing, prioritising and streamlining our focus with the resources we have. 

This announcement brings with it an immediate extended team, with additional knowledge and ideas to support our growth. As well as the ability to invest in our UK team and welcome new talent on board.

This is a hugely exciting time both for the Judopay team but also for our customers and partners as their payments and business opportunities grow. I’ll continue to share updates as our technology and offering evolves but as always if you have any questions please do reach out to me. 

Thanks for your continued support, 



Jeremy Nicholds headshot