Connecting the dots in payments

As the world continues to evolve, payments becomes more complicated.

Which is why we're building a single platform, connected to 100+ payment and technology players, to keep things simple. A single integration to Judopay opens the door to the JudoNetwork of global acquirers, loyalty software, fraud solutions, alternative payment methods and innovative payment technology.

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Our story

Judopay was founded in 2012 by two experienced entrepreneurs in the payments space. They firmly believed that the payment process for mobile and especially in-app payments had to be reimagined.

The name Judopay (unsurprisingly) came from the sport. Judo (Japanese for “the gentle way”) embodies the principle that good technique can overcome even the hardest challenges.

Both founders knew that in order to realise m-commerce's full potential an all-round better checkout experience needed to be created for Judopay's clients and customers; a seamless customer experience that would help maximise sales and repeat purchase.

And so the company (Judopay) and the brand (Judo) was born – an agile, technology savvy company obsessed with enabling a better customer experience.

We create amazing payment experiences for your customers

Judopay works to create the best all-round payment experience on mobile, web and in-app. As the leading mobile payments platform, we're at the forefront of new technology.

As well as pioneering initiatives of our own, we work closely with big names such as Visa, Mastercard, Discover® Global Network, Apple and Google.

We make it quick and easy to get started, and we deliver world-level security, analysis and support. All of this means you can focus on winning new customers and driving loyalty from existing ones.


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