The payments platform that remove friction and streamlines operations.

For councils, health services, utilities and more - enhance your payments and drive customer satisfaction with our future-proof payment platform. 

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Latest payment technology.

Whether you want to upgrade your payment offering or improve resilience, we’ll keep your payments up-to-date.

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Smarter fraud protection.

Protect your bottom-line. Our built-in fraud technology comes as standard; so you get fraud detection and protection at no additional cost.

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Better customer experience.

Meet customer demand by launching popular payment methods and frictionless checkout experiences.

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On-going support.

Our proactive team will ensure you get the most out of your payments and are always on-hand to provide support.

Crown Commercial Service Supplier.

Judopay is a Crown Commercial Service Supplier. As part of the Payment Acceptance Framework we enable public sector entities to access a range of innovative payment services.

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Empowering efficiency and driving innovation.

Technology and public expectations are continually evolving. As a Crown Commercial Services supplier we work with public sector entities to modernise their payment processes and improve performance. Our cutting-edge payment platform offers seamless, secure and efficient payment services that can be tailored to your specific needs. Enhance your operations, improve efficiencies and increase customer satisfaction with our future-proof payments.

Payment technology for the public sector.

Let your customers choose how they pay - in-person, online or via mobile. Tailor your payment solution to meet your business’ needs.

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Latest payment technology.

Offer secure and seamless online payments with the latest payment methods.

Accept online payments.
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Payment links.

Easily create and share secure payment links that can be shared via any channel to accept payment.

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Make in-person payments easy with portable point-of-sale terminals.

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Connect Cashless has experienced major payment process benefits which has led to a reduction in operational costs and resources. Judopay achieved this by increasing conversion rates, reducing transaction failures by 5% and protecting against fraudulent activity.

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Take control of your payments with a solution that fits your needs.

Unlock your potential with our all-in-one solution.

Streamline your payments with a single integration designed to help you maximise revenue.

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Safe and secure online payment gateway.

Launch seamless, secure, and conversion-driving checkouts to capture more revenue.

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Keep your checkouts
up-to-date with our innovative payment solution.

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Simplifying your payment

Judopay is part of the Fabrick group, giving our merchants access to innovative payment technology. Our acquiring capabilities with Fabrick simplify the entire payment process for your business.

Increase acceptance rates.

A tailored approach. Launch with the acquiring service most suitable to your individual business needs (e.g. industry, geography, currency)

Reduce complexity.


Enhanced reporting.

Access a personalised online dashboard with customised reporting, business analytics and easier reconciliation.