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Judopay's Status Page

1. How do I access the Status Page?

You can access the Status Page 24/7 via this link:

2. What does Judopay's Status Page do?

Judopay's Status Page gives the current performance and incident history of Judopay's services. From this page you can:

  • See the current performance of all of Judopay's services
  • See the incident history for all of Judopay's services
  • Sign up to receive email or slack notifications for any future incidents

Businesses can access the webpage 24/7 or they can subscribe to incident updates via the page so they can be immediately alerted if there are any performance issues which may affect their payments.

3. How does the Status Page work?

The Status Page shows the performance of all of Judopay's services including each of our routes, Webhooks, Sandbox and our Portal. When all of our services are fully operational the page will show each route or service as Operational, as seen below:

If there are any performance issues this will be displayed on the relevant status bar and feature on the message board at the bottom of the page:

The Status Page can also send out automated updates if there are any changes to performance. Users will have to subscribe in order to receive these updates, learn more.

4. How do I find out my Route ID? e.g. JGW1

Each of our Full Stack and Gateway Only routes are labelled using acronyms like 'JA1', 'JC3' or 'JGW1' which represent each Route ID. When your account with Judopay is set up we'll email you your Route ID.

If you need a reminder just email our Support team at or ring them on +44 (0) 20 3503 0600.

5. How do I sign up for instant incident updates?

1. At the top right hand side of the Status Page, click on the 'Subscribe to updates' button.
2. You have the option to receive incident updates via email or Slack.
3. Click on 'Select Services', enter your email and select your Route ID from the list.

Can't remember what your Route ID is? Check with the team at

6. Status Page glossary

Below is an explanation of the terms used on Judopay's Status Page:

  • Route ID - this acronym e.g. JGW2 represents the payment route a merchant is on
  • Full Stack - routes that include both gateway and acquiring services
  • Gateway Only - routes that only use our gateway services
  • Latency - a delay in payments being processed e.g. taking more than 10 seconds
  • Transactions - the entire payment flow, from the customer hitting pay through to the payment being authorised
  • Uptime - percentage of time services have been running without any incidents
  • Webhooks - an optional secure service provided by Judopay to notify systems when a transaction or event has taken place
  • Sandbox - a virtual testing environment
  • Portal - where customers can log in and see their transactions, issue refunds, email receipts to customers etc.