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How it works

In order for your customers to pay online, on mobile or in-app by card, you need to be connected to the right national and international payment systems.

Payment Service Provider

A payment service provider (or PSP) like Judopay provides you with access to these systems.

The first step would be for your business to apply for a live account and discuss contracts with our Growth team. You can do that by simply getting in touch.


As part of the application for a live account, a payment service provider will need to collect information similar to that you would provide to a high street bank when you set up a new bank account.

As a business rather than an individual, we’ll need some additional security information and supporting documents in line with Anti Money Laundering regulations. This exercise is called Know Your Customer or KYC.

We’ll ask for a standard set of documentation and, as every business is different, we may need some particular information. We’ll let you know what that is when the time comes.

Once we have all the information from you we’ll provide you with a Merchant ID (MID) and activate your Judopay account.

Prior to this, you may have used our sandbox account {link} to test some of your payments.


Once your application for a live account is accepted and your contract with Judopay is signed, only then would we recommend your technology team look into integration and then testing integration. Our development support team is on hand to help here, just let us know what you need and we’ll help in any way we can.

Finally, once you are fully integrated, our team will do some final tests to make sure everything is working and will let you know when you’re good to take payments. You’ll be informed every step of the way.

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We have a specialist team who will manage this process on your behalf and make this as simple as possible, please just get in touch if you have any questions at all.

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