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Judopay providers multiple fraud detection and prevention solutions, all included within your offering. JudoShield, Device DNA, options to use 3D Secure, Address Verification (AVS), CV2 checks and links to both VISA and Mastercard’s real-time lost and stolen database.

Device DNA

Device DNA is a device fingerprinting fraud tool

Device DNA allows you to identify a device using 37 signals from a device. This will create a unique identifier for a device that cannot be replicated. Fraudsters have an interest in replicating device IDs in order to bypass fraud rules. This can be avoided using Device DNA.

A unique device identifier can then be fed into your fraud rules, for example through JudoShield. Once the device is identified securely within your fraud rules, normal process can apply. Device DNA automatically checks the device against Judopay’s global blacklist database and tracks both positive and fraudulent behaviour. It will also be possible to use this device ID to send to the issuers to streamline your PSD2 SCA requirements. Device DNA adds an extra, and likely necessary, layer of protection to your mobile offering.


Reduce manual work and gain full visibility of your transactions using a smart fraud system that combines rule-based components and machine learning.

Use a global, cross-industry network of data to accurately identify your customers, reduce false declines, and stay on top of the latest fraud trends. You’ll always know why a transaction was accepted or declined. With a full view of every transaction you can react in the best way for your business.

CV2 Checks

CV2, CVV, or Card Verification Value is a check that is carried out on the card used for any transaction.

The check uses the 3 digit security code, normally found on the back of cards on the signature strip (or the four digits on the front of the card for American Express). This then verifies the 3 digit security code is the correct code for the card being used. It’s carried out in real-time so you can quickly decide whether to carry out any further fraud screening checks.


The Address Verification Service (AVS) is a fraud prevention system that can help to limit fraud and chargebacks. AVS works to verify that the address entered by the customer is associated with the cardholder’s card account.

3D Secure 2.0

Reduce your risk of fraud and chargebacks by adding an additional layer of authentication that protects you from liability for fraudulent card payments. This can be turned on or off as required by your business needs, or dynamic 3D Secure can be used to allow you protect conversion by selectively applying authentication to only high-risk transactions or payments that require authentication due to regulation.

And getting ready for SCA. 3D Secure 2 is the next iteration of 3D Secure: the authentication solution that creates better shopper experiences while reducing fraud. This next iteration of the 3DS is specifically designed to reduce friction in the transaction process, and thus help improve conversion. In fact, Visa reports that merchants using 3DS 2.0 experience a 70% decrease in cart abandonment, and an 85% reduction in transaction time. Your customer gets a simple step in the payment process to allow the issuer (bank) to check whether the shopper is who they say they are. This is either Or in some cases, they may not need authentication due to exemptions.


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