Making online checkouts smoother and safer

Using Request to Pay technology, customers can pay online quickly and securely through their own mobile banking app.

Drive sales

Simplify your checkout experience and reassure consumers by letting them pay with their trusted bank app.

Reduce fraud

Authentication through your customer's bank app and bank-grade security results in near-elimination of fraud.

No liability

When customers use Pay by Bank app, fraud liability shifts to their bank.

Regulation ready

Pay by Bank app's safe and secure checkout will ensure you're ready to meet PSD2 and SCA requirements.

Pay by Bank app lets consumers check out via their existing banking app

  • There's no wallet or new app to download
  • It can be used when paying for goods, online, via app or over the phone
  • Customers can check their balance and choose which account to pay from
  • Via Faster Payment rails, money moves from the customer's account in seconds
The next generation in digital payments
Enable Pay by Bank app for your business