Apple Pay & Judopay

Begin accepting Apple Pay™ for one-touch payments. Apple Pay gives your customers an easy, secure and private way to pay in-store, in-app on the web and in Business Chat.

Accepting Apple Pay

Accepting Apple Pay is also more secure than accepting traditional credit, debit, and prepaid cards. Every transaction on your customer’s iPhone or iPad requires Face ID, Touch ID, or a passcode.

And each time your customer takes their Apple Watch off their wrist, the passcode must be entered to access it. In addition, you don’t receive your customer’s actual credit or debit card numbers, so you aren’t handling actual credit or debit card numbers in your systems when customers pay with Apple Pay.

It’s quick to get Apple Pay up and running with Judopay’s simple iOS SDK and in one integration you can accept Apple Pay and regular card payments easily.

Enable Apple Pay through Judopay

Judopay was one of the launch partners for Apple Pay. We really understand the benefits of offering your customers an Apple Pay solution. We hold regular groups for our customers on how to best utilise Apple Pay.

Judopay’s iOS SDK is designed as an all-in-one toolkit and is regularly updated, so you’re always connected to the latest innovations.

To learn how to get up and running with Apple Pay, get in touch or take a look at our documentation.

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