Grow your customer base with Discover® Global Network.

Discover® Global Network acceptance gives you revenue opportunities from over 280M+ cardholders around the world.

One Network. Multiple Cards.

Discover® Global Network is the fastest growing1 global payments network with customers in 200+ countries and territories, giving you access to $500+ billion spend yearly.

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280+ million

cardholders around the globe.2

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$500+ billion


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fee structure.

Accept Discover® Global Network Cards

Allow international visitors to pay with their preferred cards.

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Discover® Global Network includes Discover Card issued in the US, Diners Club International® issued in 55+ countries and 25+ Network Alliance Partners around the world.

Who is Discover® Global Network?

Discover® Global Network includes Discover Network, Diners Club International, PULSE® and 20+ Network Alliance Partners around the world.

By enabling Discovers® Global Network in your online store or at the point of sale, you will benefit from new revenue opportunities and reduced drop-out.

Discover® Global Network also enjoys a very high loyalty among their cardholders and that, in turn, will help you increase spend.

Acceptance mark

Let Discover® Global Network Cardholders know their card is accepted on your website by displaying these acceptance marks on the homepage and on the payments page.

Loyalty and Rewards

Discover® Global Network’s loyalty and rewards solution means that their network of brands enjoy a very loyal customer base.

About 70% of primary cardmembers4 (members who use Discover Card more than others) selected Discover as their primary card because of the rewards program.

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Why enable Discover® Global Network?

Reach more customers.


Start accepting multiple card brands by enabling one Discover® Global Network.


Become a go-to choice for consumers.

Increase your sales.


Share of more than $500B annually in global spend opportunity.5


41% 5 YOY e-commerce growth in EMEA 2018-2019.

Drive your business' growth.


Competitive pricing and simple  fee structure.


Avoid losing potential customers by ensuring you support one of the world's fastest growing global payments networks.6


Add Discover® Global Network signage to your platform to support your business growth.

Enable Discover® Global Network for your business.

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6. Based on signed network alliance agreements over the past twelve years with major payment networks within respective countries - Panoramic Research study.