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About Judopay

Judopay is a payments company born for the mobile age. People across the world are embracing services available on their mobile devices at an ever-increasing rate including using their mobile to make payments.

Whether it’s for a cup of coffee, a ride in a taxi; to have a meal out or to get a meal in; a cinema trip or a holiday of a lifetime – today’s consumers are using their mobiles to buy practically anything and everything online.

And that’s where Judopay come in.

We get that buying things and paying for stuff ‘on the go’ is fraught with friction and challenge – whether this is because of the surrounding noise, or interruptions, a loss of signal or simply not having enough hands to juggle stuff whilst you’re filling in fiddly forms on your smartphone.

Certainly there is a universal need to complete a payment quickly and securely, but we like to think we can make the journey a positive, enjoyable experience also.

Drop your dropout

Delight your customers at checkout.

Stay safe

Peerless reliability.

Be supported

Commercially fair minded.

Take payments online, on mobile and in-app

As well as enabling a great consumer experience, we believe in providing our customers and business partners with a great client experience also. We believe in being easy to work with, and we’re merchant focused people – right from initial on-boarding to ongoing customer management and account reviews

We aim for peerless reliability in payment processing and offer best in class success rates for fraud, chargebacks, and declines. We’re all about data also – offering value adding data insights & reporting for our merchant clients.

And finally, we’re commercially fair minded. We know how tough it is to run a business, so we make sure that our pricing and commercials provide great value for money.

We care about your business

We consult with you to understand your business and create the best experience for your customers, ultimately helping you to increase sales.

Reliability and Security

We understand the importance of a payments provider that just simply works.

Tech & Innovation

We have world class technology and we’re constantly iterating for the needs of our customers.

Customer Service

We’re here for you, 24/7 if you’d like. We’re your payments team, or an extension of your payments team.

Let’s start at the very beginning…

Judopay was founded in 2012 by Jan Farrarons and George Karibian. Both experienced entrepreneurs in the payments space, founders also of our fast growing ‘sister’ companies – Capital on Tap and PaymentSense.

As the world’s population increasingly has a computer in their pocket – they saw the mobile revolution will be bigger than the internet revolution.

They saw the significant global opportunity for mobile commerce but firmly believed that mobile and especially in-app payments had to be handled differently from the traditional e-commerce payments, where the checkout process is often full of friction.

In a time where purchase decisions are made on the move, whether for impulse purchases or convenience shopping, payments need to happen quickly, securely and with a minimum of fuss.

Mobile payment needed smart native technology. Judopay was born.

Our mission: to create the best payment experience for our customers’ customers.

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We’re providing innovative payment solutions that allow your customers to buy at a time and place convenient for them. You run the business, we run the payments.

Safe, seamless, simple payments.

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