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Token Migration

If you have previously used a different payment service provider, you may want to import your customers data to the Judopay platform so your customers can continue enjoying a seamless payment experience.

The following 4 key steps would help you organise your token migration:

  • Notify your current payment service provider
  • Plan what fields you require and how you can implement them within Judopay, with the use of one of our technical advisors
  • Write the integration script to your database
  • Test a payment

We would coordinate the token migration with your current payment service provider and handle that process directly with them once you have granted us permission.

How to plan your token migration

If you already have any existing tokens, they will not have to be recreated. This means you could continue your payment process whilst we move your tokens from your current payment service provider.

The only fields you would need to consider when moving over to Judopay are yourConsumerReference and a unique identifier your current payment service provider uses to distinguish each card.

  • yourConsumerReference: A transaction cannot be performed without a Consumer Reference. This identifies a consumer no matter if that consumer has two or more cards
  • Unique identifier for the payment service provider: This would allow us to link a transaction back to any particular card token so you have an easier job in porting the new data into your database. This has to be a field that is stored in your database currently.

What happens in a migration?

Token migrations happen in 3 steps

  • A request is submitted to your existing payment service provider specifying that you would like to migrate your tokens to Judopay
  • We work directly with your current payment service provider to have your data securely sent to Judopay

You will not touch any sensitive data, this is sent directly to Judopay

  • We migrate the tokens into your Judopay account

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