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Everything you need to accept online, mobile and in-app payment methods. Accept payments on any device with all popular payment methods and grow your business faster across the world. All through one unified API.

Tokenised and recurring payments

High-converting checkout on any device

In-depth customer insights and payment data on all sales channels

Help with compliance and regulation including PCI DSS and PSD2

Intelligent fraud prevention and risk management

Simple Integration with one API for global reach

Take Payments online, in-app and on mobile.

Accept and process cards, and digital wallets

such as Apple Pay, and Google Pay in a single integration. Plus, get tools to help prevent fraudulent transactions, manage data security, and increase revenue.

Integrate simply with our unified API

that makes payment processing consistent across the world so you can access local processing capabilities. We’re always on hand to help, with customer and developer support.

Increase conversion with a seamless checkout experience

Reduce friction with our ready-made drop-in UI, or create a custom UI that is flexible, brandable and secure. Reach a global audience and optimise checkout conversion. And always be ready for the latest way for customers to pay.

We run the payments
you run the business.

Reliability & Security

Your business relies on us to take payments, and we understand reliability from Judopay is critical. Securely accept payments backed by highly scalable infrastructure built from the ground up for global reach, velocity and security.

Intelligent fraud prevention and risk management

Use machine learning and a data-driven approach to block fraud with a risk management engine, including mobile specific fraud tools for identifying individual mobile devices. Add 3D Secure, Address Verification (AVS), CV2 checks and link to both VISA and Mastercard’s real-time lost and stolen database for an additional layer of fraud prevention.

Increase revenue through your payment journey

Reduce the risk of payments not going through by keeping card information updated in real-time. Rely on us to partner with the wider payments industry to provide the best service for you. Unlock new ways to optimise your business at every step of the payment journey with a platform that covers gateway, acquiring, regulatory requirements and fraud prevention.

In-depth customer insights and data

Receive the vital transaction insights you need to run your business effectively and efficiently. Get a view of your online business with payments data from the entire payment flow. You’ll increase payment success rates, block fraud, and reward loyal shoppers.

What works best for your business?

End-to-End Solution

Have Judopay look after your end-to-end payment flow. One point of contact, one merchant account support team and one solution for all your payment needs across the globe. We offer our customers both Blended and Interchange plus plus pricing models for maximum commercial flexibility.



Gateway Only

Plug-in to Judopay’s gateway services and support all of your payment needs across the globe. Upgrade your sales channels to Judopay’s best in class checkout experience whilst retaining your acquiring relationship. Judopay connect to multiple acquiring partners globally, enable more than one acquiring relationship and provide smart routing transactions to each acquirer to optimise costs and authorisation rates





For tech platform, web agencies and app agencies. Integrate with Judopay once, and we can onboard all your sub-merchants. We’ll help you increase your payments infrastructure through one API and accelerate your customer’s growth. Fully supported by our PLATFORM+ team. Become a whole solution: end-to-end, including payments.


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