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Shop like you’re online, in-store. Save the High Street

Average weekly household spend in the U.K, is £554.20 (as of the end of 2017). Two thirds of Britons now nip to the supermarket more than once a day. We’re all spending every day, and our shopping habits are becoming more spontaneous.

And yet, household names shut nearly 2,000 physical stores in 2017 across the UK. The age-old question of Amazon vs. Argos remains: who has it right? Amazon offers convenience, speed, and enjoyable experience. But so does Argos, just in a very different way. The Death of The Highstreet has been threatened for a while now, but the high street certainly still has its fans with 82.8p of every £1 in the UK being spent in-store.

Online, we saw Amazon sell a total of 100m products on Prime Day alone. However, it’s not all bright lights and beauty in the online world. 68% of shoppers abandon their shopping cart online. That means they’ve decided to buy the product and then, at the critical point, have decided to walk away. It’s in the basket, but they’re not buying it.

Stores both online and offline need to consider how they get their customers over the payment line.

Payment: a part of the buying process perhaps not previously considered as elegant as the rest of the customer journey, has begun to receive more focus as the critical turning point from browser to the customer, or customer to repeat customer.

In-store, businesses like MishiPay are working with retailers to change the required set-up of a shop. Using MishiPay means consumers can read a barcode on their mobile phone and pay immediately. Pick up an item, swipe, and pay. Pick up another item, repeat. No queuing.

And for the store, that means physical shops can become a far more personalized experience with staff in-store to concentrate on helping you pick styles and sizes, rather than aiding the checkout process.

Equally, online payment processors such as Sage Pay, Braintree, and Judopay, are becoming better known for concentrating on the conversion rates of their customers from basket to payment.

Judopay consults with businesses to increase conversion, advising on new tips and tricks to disrupt market trends. Recently partnering with pub chain Youngs, Judopay saw the world of online and offline customer experience merge into one. Youngs on Tap allows pub goers to order to their table, prepay or split bill without having to interact with any bar staff. They can maneuver the entire pub experience through an app if they prefer.

To find out more or to receive a free 30-minute consultation on whether your payments process is converting your customers at the checkout or turning them away, email

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