Built-in fraud prevention

JudoShield is designed specifically for the unique challenges of mobile fraud and comes as standard in our SDK.

It is powered by the latest machine learning algorithms, as well as trusted methodologies such as regression models and decision trees, meaning the system grows smarter with every transaction, blocking the bad guys as they come up with new tricks.

So much smarter that our customers see chargebacks drop up to 90%.

Unique Device DNA™

Fraud systems used for e-commerce simply won’t keep out the fraudsters.

JudoShield’s Device DNA™ fingerprints mobiles using 100s of signals, including geo-location or jailbroken devices, to detect and block fraudulent behaviour faster.

So if a fraudster is trying tricks, like reinstalling an app or changing login details to test more fraudulent cards, his device will be blocked.

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Cars in the Taxi platform


Reduction in chargebacks


Increase in transaction volume

Dynamic real-time risk scoring

In setting up JudoShield for your business, machine learning will continuously assess the risk level of your customer transactions, to help set your risk score to optimise your use of Dynamic 3D Secure.

It’s real-time fraud prevention designed to minimise fraud and maximise conversion.

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