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Tips for a positive working from home environment

In these current uncertain times, I know a lot of people are having to adapt to working from home. While this might sound great for the first couple of days, if you’re not used to it, it can be hard to stay motivated, connected and can be a bit lonely.
We’re still learning and adapting as we go but I decided to ask the Judopay team to share their top tips for staying positive while working from home.

Maria, our Operations & Marketing Analyst and our very own fitness queen, says: To try and get some daily exercise. “I tend to do some video classes like yoga or stretching in the morning before work. Also, a little bit of jumping in the middle of the day also helps levelling up the mood and toning our body. Keen to get any recommendations for apps!
P.s: You can put an emoji 🤸‍♀‍🏋️🏋️‍♂‍💃on slack while you exercise.”

Choose foods that give you the most nutrition and vitamins
“You can still get plenty of vitamins from frozen fruit and vegetables, so while you are ‘social distancing’ and spending more time at home, why not make things fun and try out some new recipes in the kitchen! Certain foods can help to support our body and mind in times of stress and uncertainty. Vitality have produced a great blog ‘7 nutrients to help you cope with stress’ which is a fantastic start for some inspiration. Happy cooking!”
Jeremy, our CEO.

Try a change of (indoor) scenery
“While it’s great to have a little home office set up, I’ve found that sitting in the same place all day can become a bit of a bore – especially if you’re working from home alone (pets aside). Changing my work set-up throughout the day has helped improve my concentration. So, in the morning I tend to be glued to my dining room table but by the afternoon I can be found curled up on the sofa with my laptop and tea.”
Jessica, our Head of Marketing

Charlotte, our Business Development Manager surrounds herself with positive news
“There’s a lot of doom and gloom in the world at the moment so try to follow some positive news pages – Tanksgoodnews on Instagram is great!”

Don’t forget about the social side when you usually work as an office team
“Of course when everyone changes to remote working there is always a focus around productivity and whether it is impacted. One thing that we think is important is not forgetting the fun side of working together which drives productivity. As a sales team, we thrive on competition and camaraderie and being remote removes a lot of that. One idea we’ve introduced for a few weeks is daily virtual stand ups where we take turns selling an item within your remote location. 60 seconds each so it doesn’t take long and at the end we vote for a winner – it always brings a laugh. Great way to start the day with a smile whilst having some competitive fun. Managers are NOT exempt”
Anthony, our VP of Growth

Carmen, our Senior HR & Talent Manager, has a few ways to keep positive during the day:

  • “Keep to a routine: Do a home work out, get up/shower/get dressed, make a great breakfast to set yourself up for the day!
  • Reach out to someone if you are feeling stressed or want a chin wag!
  • Make sure you take a break!
  • Stand up desk: move locations in the day.
  • Listen to music!
  • Make sure you have at least one video call every day and check in with at least 3 team members a day on slack.
  • Make some snacks the night before, which you can treat yourself to during the day (flapjacks are yum!)”

Increase the number of video calls instead of phone calls.
“I love being around people and in the office environment, so it took a bit of adjusting for me knowing I am working from home for the foreseeable. Whenever I have meetings now, I always put my camera on so I can see my colleagues and create a feeling that we are closer than simply on the other side of a screen. Just seeing someone else laugh and smile definitely makes it easier for me! It’s also important to continue calling out good work and helping to boost your colleagues’ moods. We use Slack for a lot of communication so we regularly give public thanks to each other.”
Viki, our EA to Jeremy (CEO) and Marketing Coordinator






Adam, our Partnerships Manager, advises to continue with a routine.
“Try to create a routine that is similar to work, if you wake up early and exercise/ read/ meditate normally then continue to do so. Try to structure your day more including when you will take breaks and get fresh air (opening windows if self isolating!)”

And a fun thing to try from Wilson, our Technical Support Manager is to “use the ironing board as a makeshift stand up desk”.

Our Head of Compliance, Chari, recommends commanding your day “by starting the day with positivity by listening to your favourite upbeat songs, listening to an inspirational podcast or doing a meditation/inspirational reading. Laughter and Connection is so important at this time- Keep in touch with colleagues by thinking of fun, light-hearted activities which require group cooperation that could be played via slack, such as a version of pass-it-on or online charades”

Stay safe and please do share any additional tips and advice you have on working remotely!

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