Grow faster with judoMarketplace

judoMarketplace makes it simple to provide card acceptance directly to your users and even automates collecting your fees. If your business connects many customers with many businesses (or sellers), judoMarketplace can help you grow faster.

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Avoid disputes

Hold funds in implicit escrow until you’re ready to send them to your user. This helps build trust in your marketplace.

Take your share

Take a percentage or fixed amount of any payment for providing your service. We’ll send the money directly to you.

Pay users directly

Sign up your users to accept card payments directly and get all the benefits of card payments with less overhead.

Simply go to our Documentation to get started.

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See below for common questions we receive about judoMarketplace.

Common questions

  • Who is judoMarketplace for?

    judoMarketplace is used primarily by two types of businesses. 1) Marketplace style businesses that connect buyers and sellers and 2) Service providers that want to add card payments as a feature of their service.

  • Do I need to use all of the features of judoMarketplace?            

    No. You can use as many or few features of judoMarketplace that make sense for your business.
  • How much does it cost?            

    Transactions made through judoMarketplace are charged at the rate agreed with the marketplace owner. Contact us to learn more.            

  • Is there any cost to me as the platform owner?            

    You must have an active account with judo for us to deposit your funds.            

  • How do my users sign up?            

    You can sign up your users through a simple OAuth process or by integrating directly to us through our API.            

  • Why should I use judoMarketplace for my marketplace?            

    If you are connecting buyers and sellers, you face a host of legal and regulatory requirements that become increasingly difficult to manage as your business scales. By implementing judoMarketplace, you can focus on your business and let us take care of the payments side of things.                             

  • Is judoMarketplace only for mobile apps?            

    No. judoMarketplace works with both mobile apps and for web on all devices.    

  • What do customers/buyers see?            

    Your customers or buyers will see a single payment screen.                            

  • What is the escrow feature for?            

    Marketplace businesses are built on trust. Unfortunately, there are some bad people out there who will try and not deliver what they promise. By using Judopay’s escrow feature, you can use ‘events’, such as the buyer indicating the item was received in good condition, to release payments into the seller’s account (until released, they are marked as ‘pending’).

  • What happens when a payment is processed?            

    When the cardholder submits a payment for processing, you will pass the amount to be charged and the account identification of the seller whose account the payment should be deposited to. This deposit will happen immediately unless you delay payment using our escrow feature.                               

  • What does my seller need to fill out to create an account?

    Your seller will fill out a standard merchant application form which in most instances is about 10-12 fields. If you’ve already collected some or all of this information from them, you can pass that data to us during the OAuth process so they don’t need to re-enter it. If they already have an account with Judopay, they can simply login.       

  • How much can I charge the seller for using my platform?

    You can set the charge as either a fixed or variable fee on each transaction, but it cannot be less than Judopay’s fee. Most marketplaces charge between 10 and 20% of each transaction for their service.   

  • Can I change the fee charged for different users?

    Yes, you set the fee to charge at the time of the transaction and pass it along with the amount to be charged.                               

  • Who is responsible for VAT?

    There is no VAT on Judopay’s charges (for transactions), but you, the platform owner, are responsible for collecting and paying the VAT on any additional charges you may implement for using the service. You should contact a VAT expert if you are unsure of how to properly account for VAT. 

  • Who is responsible for chargebacks?                       

    The seller who we have signed up for a merchant account is ultimately responsible for any chargebacks or disputes against their account. We will work with them to defend and represent them throughout the process.                    

  • How do my sellers get their money?

    Funds show up immediately in their Judopay Dashboard. Once available, the user can transfer the funds directly to their UK bank account for a nominal fee of £0.25. Unless you tell us otherwise, funds are available for transfer 5 business days after a transaction.

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