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We don’t do just one industry, but…

…we work with companies looking to disrupt their market.

We work with companies of all different shapes and sizes, across many sectors.

Here are a few sectors that we like to specialise in.

Food & Drink

Deliveroo, Ubereats, Ocado, online-offline experiences. The world of food and drink is evolving, fast. Saturdays used to be spent traipsing around supermarkets and going to your local takeaway to order, wait and pick-up Saturday supper. Now food and drink is more accessible, it’s available to be ordered at your fingertips and delivered to where you are. We provide an innovative payment experience that reflects this revolution.


Remember when you used to call a taxi firm the night before you wanted to travel, arrange a time for pick up at an explicit address and hope it would turn up? The world of transit has changed. Consumer expectation, and rightly so, is that the transit is immediately available. Now, I can be anywhere at anytime and expect transport within minutes. The payment experience must be slick, safe and seamless – and Judopay provide that experience.


The world of finance has to be more accessible to everyone. From Monzo to Revolut, from peer to peer lending to simplifying jargon around insurance and investments. The market is ripe for disruption and many of our key clients are doing just that. Don’t fall at the last hurdle- help your customers through the checkout page by having the simplest, safest and most seamless checkout experience with Judopay.

Disruptive Digital

As the world becomes more tech-savvy, the demand for companies to produce a memorable experience for the customer in or out of a physical store is ever present. From sending postcards online to donating to charity using only your thumb. The ability for a company to do one thing really, really well, and to offer a digital experience that complements it to be used at a time and place convenient for your customers, is imperative. Consider your payments journey when you’re building this experience- don’t lose customers at the final hurdle.


The average basket abandonment rate online is 69%. 26% is because the checkout process was too long. No matter what area of retail your business covers, don’t lose customers at that final hurdle. Talk to Judopay about how we can drop your drop-out.


We change the way people pay

Judopay provide end-to-end payment solutions for eCommerce, mCommerce and appCommerce. We focus on delivering the best possible payment experience for the end consumer – the simplest, most convenient, but secure way to pay for things with all types of payment cards, account to account payments, an intuitive selection of Apple Pay, Google Pay and other Alternative Payment Methods including instalments – all enabled and optimised for mobile. Here are some of the clients we do it for.

Torus Connect

TorusConnect Ltd is an innovative software & marketing services provider. The platform is Your Places, the digital hub of your local high street. Serving the local community, it is the ideal way for customers to browse menus, order & pay...


There is a phenomenal team at Judopay, who have helped us build a lightning fast solution for processing millions of pounds of rent, bills, and fees for our customers, and remitting them to bank accounts within 30 minutes. Our engineers projecte...



In my over 11 years since I founded JustPark we have worked with a lot of partners both within payments and outside. Judopay ranks as one of the best. Their team consistently works with my team to ensure everything is going well and we are being...


Founded in 2012, London-based Judopay is Europe’s leading payment service providers for mobile. From being one of the launch partners of Apple Pay, to developing the first mobile-specific fraud prevention service, JudoPay are pioneers in next-...

Judopay joins hedgehog lab’s innovation roster

The agreement, which sees the London-based m-commerce business join the likes of AkzoNobel, Home Group and Northumbrian Water as a hedgehog lab innovation partner, will support Judopay’s customers in exploring and implementing payments innovat...

Young’s on Tap

Young’s on Tap is a new app developed for the customers of Young’s, enhancing their experience in any Young’s pub. Young's on Tap creates a new way of engaging with customers : bringing the simplicity and convenience of online shopping ...

An Interview with KFC: Digital Transformation is coming

Jennie Wright, Head of Digital Transformation for KFC, is interviewed by Judopay and explains the challenges KFC have overcome to achieve it, how choosing the right payment provider has made this possible and the plans for the coming years. ...

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