Going live

Ensure a stress-free launch of your web app by testing all transaction types you require in the live environment.

If you haven’t tested your app in the sandbox environment yet, please visit the Getting started guide before proceeding.

Activate account

You will need a live account to process live payments. Follow our Activate your account guide for further detail.

Note: Once the activation form is completed Judopay makes the necessary changes in your account within 1 business day. We will contact you as soon as you are live.

Point to live environment

In your header declaration, find and change the line that specifies the targeted environment by deleting ‘-sandbox’ on the URL.

Replace your sandbox API token and secret for the base64 encoded live API token and secret in the corresponding basic authorization line. Both credentials are located in your Dashboard, under the ‘Your apps’ section.

Follow our Access to your token and secret guide if you need help to find them.

POST https://gw1.judopay.com/webpayments/payments
Api-Version: 5.2
Accept: application/json
Authorization: Basic {base64 token & secret}

Test live payments

As per the sandbox, use the live environment for testing before deploying your app to the public. Please follow the testing best practices in our live environment guide. Here some highlights:

  • Ensure that the header is configured for live environment.
  • Use always real debit or credit cards. The test cards provided won’t work in a live environment.
  • Test all the payment scenarios and security features you require to verify the expected behaviour.

Note: As the live environment requires test with real debit or credit cards, we recommend to perform pre-authorizations followed by a void, or regular payments followed by a refund (you can send a refund through Dashboard, under the History tab).

Completed the above? You are ready to go.

If you need additional support or something didn’t go as expected, please contact us.