How it works

Android Pay is a mobile payment solution that offers further simplicity, security and choice when making purchases with Android phones.

With Android Pay, merchants can accept payments for physical goods and services, and access buyers' shipping and payment information stored in their Google account. The Judopay Android SDK can be used to process Android Pay payments made in your app making the checkout journey even simpler and more secure.


In order to operate successfully with Android pay, it requires devices working with an operating system Android OS 4.4 (KitKat) or newer.

User experience and interface

Android Pay Flow

For consumers:

  • The Android Pay user flow starts with the consumer running the Android Pay app and saving a payment card providing the details required.
  • Within any app that supports Android Pay, the "Buy with Android Pay" button will be available when the consumer is ready to checkout.
  • After a payment confirmation screen, a drop down list will appear for the consumer to choose any saved card.
  • Android Pay will open a dialogue where the consumer can add a shipping address if required.
  • Once the payment is processed, the consumer will see the transaction result and the receipt information on screen.

Each transaction is assigned a payment token as well as a Virtual Account Number, this information is encrypted and used in place of the credit or debit card details.

For businesses, Android Pay functions the same as any other debit or credit card payment processed with Judopay.

Getting started

Enabling Android Pay with Judopay requires a brief introduction from one of our payment experts, please contact us.

Please see our sample app for instructions for integrating Android Pay in your app.