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Here at Judopay, when we talk about customer experience, we are referring to every interaction a customer has with our product and our service, across their entire lifecycle.

Their Customer Experience is the sum of every one of these our products and our teams – from the first time they hear about us, to landing on our website, the consultancy meetings, the tech deep dives, the integration, onboarding, and ensuing lifecycle; all of this constitutes customer experience.


We believe that by focusing first and foremost on customer experience, we will drive a virtuous feedback loop wherein we drive customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and customer advocacy.

In the world of payment processing, we have two types of customers to think about; our direct customers, and then our customers’ customers. When we talk about driving best-in-class customer experience, we need to think of both.

So for our customers’ customers, much of the impact is product-led; how do we create a best-in-class checkout experience for them?

Where does the balance lie between being frictionless and trusted? How do they want to pay; what digital wallets do they want to have available?

In solving for those customer’s customers needs, of course, we are helping our direct merchants. But focusing on these customers, there are a whole other set of needs such as reliability, reporting or fraud tools.


In payments, the technical product features are inextricably linked to a super complex landscape; payments is a minefield of rapid technological and regulatory change.

At Judopay we drive a great Customer Experience from being experts in those, so you don’t have to be. We will bring you the knowledge you need to make your payments work for you.

Within this, we believe in delivering a tailored customer experience; which is best practices for your business vertical, stage or goals.

We also tailor different strands of customer experience to differing stakeholders; we want to support our technical stakeholders in a language they understand, and the same for our commercial stakeholders, from front-line to c-suite.

We want to know how we can help you make your boss, and your board, and your customers happy! We also know it’s the little things; the wow and delight moments, that make us more than just a supplier; so we look to mark the important moments in ways you will remember.

To give the best-tailored customer experience, we have a dedicated team of Customer Success Managers who focus on a proactive and strategic approach towards growing our top merchants.

This is an area where I see too many companies failing to deliver; they think that by having a Customer Success Team, that Customer Experience box is ticked.At Judopay, we believe that Customer Experience has to be holistic; everyone in the company is responsible for it.

Crucially, great customer experience is never good enough; at are always looking to see where we can improve. We also know that we will never be the best we can be if we just sit around a table behind closed doors and hypothesise as to what our customers want.


So the Judopay experience is always defined by our customer feedback; at events, in meetings, on the phone, via email; we are always looking for a chance to ask how are we doing?

And we really want that constructive feedback; where are we not doing as well as you want? We have bi-weekly customer feedback sessions with key stakeholders across the business so we know our customers’ feedback has a forum possible, a place on the roadmap.

We also track quantitative metrics around customer experience, so Net Promoter Scores and Customer Satisfaction Scores would be two we follow closely.

So at Judopay, we deliver best-in-class customer experience through constantly iterating on our product offering and our service offering, based on what our customers and our customer’s customers tell us.

Whether you are a new merchant or an existing one, customer experience is the starting point for everything that we build and everything that we do.


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