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Young’s on Tap

App developer Pepper HQ has worked with mobile payments service provider Judopay to produce an “online in-store” solution for Young’s, one of the largest pub chains in the UK. Young’s on Tap is a new app developed for the customers of Young’s, enhancing their experience in any Young’s pub.

Young’s on Tap is a new app developed for the customers of Young’s, enhancing their experience in any Young’s pub.

Young’s on Tap creates a new way of engaging with customers : bringing the simplicity and convenience of online shopping to an in-store experience. Young’s on Tap allows customers to locate the nearest Young’s and provides directions for how to get there. As well as opening times, menus and event schedules.

Customers can receive news about their local pub. They can book rooms or tables in advance. Tunes on Tap allows them to be DJs, not only seeing what song is playing but also letting them choose what’s up next.

Customers tap-in on arrival and their photo is stored within the app so bar staff know who to serve. Customers can pre-order, split bills, pay-as-they-go, redeem vouchers or top-up as they go.

And, most of all, customers receive the benefits of being part of a customised loyalty scheme. Customers can be wowed and delighted based on their preferences, choices and routine activity.

Young’s on Tap demonstrates a significant move in customer experience on the high street. Young’s have created a slicker customer journey. Pepper HQ have designed the user interface and user experience to increase convenience for the end consumer. And Judopay has provided the tools needed to create a safe, seamless, and simple payment process. One click, one tap, one swipe, and the product or service is yours.

Consumer enthusiasm for mobile apps and near ubiquity of smartphone use across the world is encouraging businesses across the board to review their customer journey. The ability to be in a physical store yet select, order and pay just using your phone, and not interacting with another person, changes the in-store experience. Young’s was founded in 1831, yet their digital experience today is better than most modern incumbents.

The payment element of this journey, whilst sometimes overlooked, is one of the critical parts. Once the customer has decided to purchase an item, a slick and seamless checkout becomes imperative for converting a viewer to a customer, or a customer to a repeat purchaser.

Judopay focuses on the mobile consumer journey, and on increasing conversion rates for businesses to help their customers get through the checkout process. That is why Pepper HQ partnered with Judopay, to create the best possible experience for consumers, and the best possible conversion rates for businesses.

Jeremy Nicholds, CEO of Judopay said: “Judopay are innovating the payment experience in the mobile space. We’re focussed on improving the customer journey across web, mobile and in-app purchases working with partners such as Pepper HQ. We work with innovative and disruptive businesses, like Young’s, to enhance the end-to-end payments journey and change the way people pay and we’re delighted to be part of the launch of Youngs on Tap.”

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